About Us


Started as a social service institution with the intention of imparting good quality education with religious values in Thayappa Thottam, Bagalur Road, Hosur.  In 2013, by the Thayappa Group, over a period of time it has achieved the highest value and standard of academic, ethical awareness, intellectual growth, best behavior and sportsmanship among its students.

It is a CBSE school, our 2nd branch primary campus is .located at Rayakotta highways, Onnalvadi, hosur.
From kindergarten to high school with all facilities with one to one attention for the students in the ratio of 12:1.
Next generation concept school focuses on building the life skill and professional values for its children along with academic such that the children of NIMAI are more successful in their life in the present dogmatic world.

The most important of NIMAI PUBLIC SCHOOL is to look beyond school education and prepare the students to choose their professional career in their personal interest where in it prepares them in the following capacity like: Academics, Health and Hygiene, Sports, Yoga, Dramatics, Religion, Robotics, Language, Life skill Pastoral care and Equal importance is given to academic, language, thought process, life skill, health, mind, body and happier hearts to make them the citizens of India.